43 million euro spent on renovating St. Sava Temple in last three years

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has stated that the works on the Temple of Saint Sava, on which, as he confirmed, the state spent 43 million euro in the last three years, will have been completed before the end of October.

Vučić thanked the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and the Gazprom Company for the donation of 10.5 million euro towards the church’s construction, and stated that he expected the Russian President to come to the official opening of the church.

He assessed that the St Sava Church, which construction began in 1935, could be called ‘the new Hagia Sophia’ which was transformed from a museum into a mosque this year.

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Patriarch: Sometimes it takes 200 years to build big churches

Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) Irinej stated that the construction of the Temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade has been going on for more than 100 years, adding that large temples in the world have been built for 150 and 200 years.

“Perhaps if we had such financial means before, and if there were no difficult situations we had to overcome, the Temple would have been already finished. But despite all the tragedies in our country, the Second World War and what followed after the war, we are finally finishing the Temple,” the patriarch said.

(N1, 20.08.2020)


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