424 newly infected in Serbia; director of the Gerontology Centre in Niš arrested

In Serbia, in the last 24 hours, at 3 p.m. yesterday, five more people have died which brings to a total of 85 since the outbreak of the epidemic, the provincial health secretary Zoran Gojkovic said at a press conference.

Yesterday, 2,646 people were tested and another 424 cases of COVID-19 were registered. So far, there are 4,054 confirmed cases of infection in the country.

A total of 898 people are hospitalized, of whom 138 are on respirators. So far, 20,958 tests have been carried out in Serbia.

“Of the 256 residents of the Gerontology Centre in Niš, 140 of them together and four employees have been infected with the virus,” said Gojkovic.

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He said that the very high number of infected persons at the Centre was as the result of unprofessional behaviour and non-compliance with the provisions.

“Relatives of the patients were allowed to visit the Centre from the beginning of the epidemic, and patients were allowed to leave the facility. This is something that had been strictly forbidden since the outbreak of the epidemic,” said Gojkovic.

Because of this irresponsible attitude, the director of the Gerontology Centre was arrested yesterday morning on charges of a serious crime against human health related to the transmission of an infectious disease.

Gojkovic said that that criminal offence was punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

(Radio Free Europe, 13.04.2020)





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