420,000 euro to be spent on New Year’s Eve celebration in Belgrade

The Belgrade taxpayers will pay a total of 423,172 euro New Year’s concerts and public festivities that will take place from 30th December to 1st January, which is twice more than last year – the Istinomer website has calculated.

The most expensive performances will be by the singer Haris Džinović who is going to be paid 56,000 euro, following by Bajaga and Instruktori 44,700 euro, Rudimental 45,000 euro and Saša Kovačević 42,700 euro.

In addition to these performances, which together cost more than 188,000 euro, and as part of the three-day festive events, the band Disciples will paid 31,250 euro for their performance, the Dejan Petrović Big Band 25,400 euro, Rasta 22,300 euro and Stereo MC 22,000 euro.

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All of these performances were the subject of the public procurement carried out by the Belgrade Festival Center (CEBEF) for the selection of performers that will entertain the citizens of Belgrade during the New Year’s holidays.

Ten days ago, another public procurement took place, for the selection of performers that will be a part of the accompanying entertainment programme, at the price of 92,662 euro which brings the total to 423,000 euro.

Last year, all the performances for the holidays cost twice less, or about 190,000 euro.

The CEBEF explains that the costs associated with the public festive event, called the Belgrade Winter, were not determined by them but by the City Secretariat for Culture as their founder.

The performers, however, are not selected by the Secretariat or CEBEF, but by the board of the Belgrade Winter event, which is chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić. Other board members are unknown.

(Nova Ekonomija, 26.12.2018)



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