42% people in Serbia in favour of EU membership

The latest poll conducted by the European Commission points to the fact that there is a division among the EU member states into those countries that support and those that oppose the further enlargement of the Union.

When it comes to the citizens of the five candidate countries, they still consider that membership in the EU is good for their countries.

The country that has the strongest support for the continuation of the EU enlargement process is Spain, with 71 percent of its citizens approving of new members. Poland and Lithuania follow with 66 percent, Romania with 65 percent, and in Hungary and Croatia 62 and 61 percent respectively.

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In regard to the EU countries which citizens oppose EU enlargement to a large extent Finland, with 64 percent, and France with 62 percent top the list.

The biggest support for joining the European family is found in Albania – 93%, followed by Macedonia with 58 percent, Montenegro 45 percent, while in Serbia, 42 percent of respondents answered that they support their country’s EU membership. At the same time, 22% of Serbian citizens think it would be a bad decision, Tanjug reports.

Asked if EU membership in general would bring benefits to their countries, 56 percent of Serbian citizens said “yes” while 29 percent replied with “no”. 95 percent of Albanians responded with “yes” to this question, as did 71 percent of Macedonians and 61% of Montenegrins.

The latest Eurobarometer from the autumn of 2018 shows that the citizens of the four candidate countries from the Western Balkans and Turkey replied to the same questions posed to the EU citizens about the quality of life.

Most citizens of the Western Balkan countries agree with the citizens of the EU member countries that the biggest problems they currently face are economy and family, followed by unemployment.

When it comes to trusting media, the opinions of citizens and the EU and the Western Balkans are divided into those who believe the media and those who don’t. In Serbia, 28 percent of the citizens said they trusted them, while 62 percent answered negatively. Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria trust the media the most, while Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus trust them the least.

The EU citizens trust the Internet the least when it comes to information,

When it comes to trusting national governments, 59% of EU citizens don’t trust theirs, while 35% do.

In Serbia, support for the government is somewhat higher and amounts to 37 percent compared to 55 percent of those who are lacking confidence in the government.

(Politika, 26.12.2018)



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