42% of people in Serbia believe in heaven and hell, 51% in life after death.

Why do so many Serbs claim that they believe in God? And why are so many people in Serbia who profess their belief in God but do not go to church or believe in organized religion?

According to a 2011 census, 84.5% of Serbian citizens declared themselves orthodox. Seven years later, the Pew Research Centre found that 58% of the total population of Serbia believes in God.

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The Centre also conducted a new study in 2019 which results are interpreted by Zorica Kuburic, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad:

“The survey asked the following question “Why do you obey God’s commandments?” 29% said for love of God, 17% for fear of being punished by God, and 7% in the hope of receiving a reward from God. 51% of respondents believe in life after death and 42% believe in heaven. 47% believe in resurrection”.

Considering recent events in Montenegro and the street protests against the Law on Religious Freedom,  it does not seem realistic that people in Montenegro have taken to the streets because they expect a reward from God or are afraid of His punishment. This is an indication of how much passive energy religion emits among Serbs.

(Nedeljnik, 19.02.2020)


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