4,000 bridges in Serbia in satisfactory condition

There are over 4,000 officially registered bridges in Serbia that are in a satisfactory condition, says the Vice President of the Construction Industry Chamber of Serbia, Goran Rodic.

“At this moment, our bridges are in a satisfactory state, and some in an extraordinary state. They are being used which implies that their condition is satisfactory. Nobody can claim that they are 100 percent safe, but the bridges located on the transport corridors and those that are in regular use are under control and they are maintained,” Rodic adds.

Rodic also said that more money should be provided for all bridges to reach their maximum quality.

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A Faculty of Traffic Engineering professor, Milan Vujanic says that, as far as he knows, both bridges and roads are maintained, as evidenced by the ongoing works in Cacak, Mladenovac, on the Ibar motorway….

“Cities are in charge of maintaining roads on their territory and are responsible if the road is unsafe or can cause severe consequences. Public enterprise Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) is in charge of maintaining the main roads outside the city areas”, he added.

Rodic says that is a legal obligation that all bridges, made of concrete, should be constantly under some type of inspection supervision.

Speaking about the recent tragedy in Genoa, Italy, Vujanic says the following:”What they done on the bridge in Genoa is to overhaul the so-called weights, i.e. the cables that we have on the Ada Bridge too. But these have to be maintained regularly because they support the bridge”, Rodic added.

He also commented on the Gazela Bridge in Belgrade and said that it would be better to build a new one in its place than to fix the old bridge.

“If we did not overhaul this bridge, what could have happened was that transverse cracks could have appeared and the Gazela Bridge would have shared the same destiny as the one in Genoa. Thanks to the overhaul, Gazela is now safe to use”, Rodic says.

Vujanic, on the other hand, reminds that when the Gazela was built, it was projected that the traffic would increase to 20,000 vehicles a day in 10 years, but it has grown much more, to 120,000.

As far as the Pancevo Bridge, Vujanic says that since two trains, of 1,300 tons of load, can cross it at the same time, that shows that the bridge is in good condition.

Vujanic adds that bridges rocking and vibrating is perfectly normal because they are flexible. “They have to move in this way, or else they would crack”, Vujanic concluded.

(Blic, 16.08.2018)


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