39,000 new unemployed people in June; 40% more than in May

In June, 38,640 Serbian citizens applied to be registered as unemployed with the National Employment Office (NSZ) in Serbia, which is 40% more than in May – said Sarita Bradas, an associate of the Centre for Democracy Foundation.

“In May this year, 26,453 new people applied for a job and in June, 27,403, which means that unemployment is growing rapidly,” Bradas said.

Of the total number in June, 25,368 people applied for a job for the first time while 13,272 of them had already worked somewhere.

The expert said that a difficult period is ahead of us because an increasing number of people will lose their jobs due to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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According to her, a person insured in case of unemployment for 12 months without interruption or with interruptions for 18 months is entitled to financial reimbursement from the National Employment Office.

The Centre for Social Assistance also gives its opinion whether an unemployed worker is entitled to welfare according to the Regulation on the forms for the procedure for exercising the right to financial welfare, based on an assessment of the reasons for the loss of earnings, the number of family members and other parameters.

The data on lost earnings are determined on the basis of the individual’s or a family member’s employability, the frequency of employment and the price of his or her work in the free market, as well as whether that person rents or owns a property.

(Naslovi.net, 16.07.2020)



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