39% of Serbs have a negative opinion of the U.S.

A poll conducted by Factor Plus has shown that 20.9% of the survey participants have a positive attitude towards the USA, while as many as 39% have a negative attitude, with 42.7% of them saying that this is due to the behaviour of the US administration towards Serbia in the last 30 years.

Regarding the reasons for the negative opinion about the U.S., 42.7% people cited the behaviour of the US administration towards Serbia in the last 30 years, while 32.8% of the respondents believe that this attitude is influenced by the media, a quarter or 25.8% see the responsibility for this in the historical cooperation and relations, while 17.3% have created such an opinion based on what their friends, family members and colleagues told them.

When asked if their attitude toward the United States has changed over time, as many as 46% said no, while 28% said yes.

58.5% said that the 1999 bombings were the reason for the change in attitude toward the U.S. over time, while 37.7% cited the U.S. attitude toward Kosovo. A third, or 33.5%, blamed the pressure on Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s self-proclaimed and unilateral independence as the cause of the change in attitude toward the United States.

On the other hand, as many as 23.% say that they have changed their attitude towards the United States with the arrival of the Trump administration, while 13.2% say that they have changed their attitude towards Washington following to the sanctions against Russia imposed by the American administration.

When asked whether U.S.-Serbian relations are moving in the right direction, the majority of respondents –  30.2% – answered with “neither yes nor no,” while 18.9% said “I would say no.”

Only 4.7% responded “yes,” 16.1% with “I would say no,” while 18% responded “explicitly no.”

When it comes to expectations about the new U.S. administration, the highest percentage, 32.1%, think that the Biden administration will not have time to deal with Serbia, while 20.6% expect the new U.S. administration to continue where Trump left off.

When asked in which directions US-Serbian relations should develop, as many as 40.7% expect an increase in the volume of economic trade, while 29.7% of respondents see an increase in scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.

(Vesti-online, 28.01.2021)




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