37% of large farms closed down in just one year

In just one year, 37% of large farms in Serbia closed and only those farmers who had stocks have survived, Vojvodina Radio and Television (RTV) reports.

Serbia would have great potential for pig (fattening pigs) breeding, but cyclical price fluctuations are causing problems for farmers.

“Very low sales prices and high input prices have haunted us throughout last year,” pig farmer from Vojvodina, Ronald Holo, RTV, adding that maize cost 12 dinars three years ago, while now it has reached a price of almost 30 dinars and the price of soybean meal almost 100 dinars from the previous 36-37 dinars.

The year, according to Holo, has been very difficult all over the world, but he expects prices to stabilise this year, and that farmers and slaughterers will have a better understanding. Although the purchase price of a kilo of pork is currently 170 dinars, pig farmers will suffer big losses this year too.

(N1, 17.01.2021)




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