35,000 foreigners in Serbia issued with work permits last year

In order to meet the needs of the Serbia labour market in Serbia to a lesser extent, the country has been ‘importing’ workers from abroad for several years now. It is clear that this is a consequence of the lack of certain types of professions, primarily in trades.

The National Employment Service (NES) issued a total of 35,180 work permits to foreigners in Serbia, a jump from 23,662 in 2021.

Last year, a total of 198,024 people were employed in Serbia, according to NES data. Infostud, the employment and career development centre, says that in 2022, there were 13 percent more job vacancies than a year earlier, i.e. they posted a total of 76,247 job advertisements on their website.

Also, last year was marked by a large workforce deficit and the “importation” of foreign workers.

“We mostly ‘import’ construction workers and they usually come from India, China and Turkey. These are mostly qualified workers who have work experience and know the business well. We also import workers from countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Uzbekistan for jobs like hygienists, drivers and delivery staff. We have also been importing workers from Cuba, Bangladesh, Vietnam or neighbouring countries such as North Macedonia or Albania,” Infostud’s PR manager Miloš Turinski says.

Infostud’s data show that the most sought-after professions were retail staff, general sales staff, IT professionals, mechanical engineers, office workers and catering staff. Other sought-after professions included drivers and warehouse and production workers. Infostud says that there is also a shortage of electrical engineers, pharmacists and legal interns in the labour market.

(Biznis.rs, 22.01.2023)


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