350 doctors are calling for the dissmisal of the government crisis unit

About 350 doctors, gathered in the group “Ujedinjeni protiv kovida” (United against COVID), sent an open letter to the Government of Serbia and other line institutions in which they are distancing themselves from the government crisis unit, asking for its dismissal.

As reported by N1, the doctors who signed the open letter call for the new crisis unit, are accusing the current anti-COVID unit of concealment of real data and asking for “the intimidation and politicization of the pandemic and violation of the personal dignity of health workers to be stopped”.

“The complete relaxation of anti-epidemic measures in the pre-election period (rallies, football matches, tournaments, festivals) has led to a loss of control over the epidemiological situation and this can in no way be justified on professional grounds,” they said.

They go on to say that “the confusion regarding the number of sick and dead has led to disagreement between statistical and epidemiological expectations and contradictory statements made in public”.

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Doctors say that “all this has seriously shaken the health system and undermined the confidence of both citizens and health workers, and for this reason, they want to distance themselves from the government crisis unit”.

Heath workers are demanding from the government to explain publicly who has the authority over the COVID database and website, to devise a procedure for the reliable determination of the number of infected, sick and dead, both in the population and among health workers.

The signatories of the open letter also call for crisis staff to take responsibility for the damage as a whole and for the training of the members of the new crisis unit made up of experts with proven professional and moral qualities.

Doctors are also seeking an independent investigation into the possible intentional concealment of real data regarding the pandemic and the determination of liability in this regard.

“We call on the authorities to react quickly, in line with the current difficult situation. We ask citizens to respect the epidemiological recommendations, despite their delay. We call on our colleagues to stand by us, because the only way to overcome the fear that reigns everywhere is to stay together,” the open letter says.

(Danas, 20.07.2020)



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