34 million dinars more for reconstruction of Belgrade’s Republic Square

The city of Belgrade will pay almost 34 million dinars more for the reconstruction and decoration of the Republic Square (Trg Republike) to the Austrian contractor, Strabag, reveals the Nova Ekonomija website.

Due to further unforeseen work, costs will increase by 33.8 million dinars and eventually amount to 802 million, says Belgrade’s Directorate for Construction Work.

The decision on the amendment of the public procurement contract states that the increase in total costs was 70 million dinars, but that there was also a reduction in costs of 36.2 million dinars.

Allegedly, the problems with the works occurred for several reasons, the main one being ‘the mismatch between the technical project documentation and the actual situation in the field’.

“When the Stambol Gate was discovered during the execution of the works, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade asked for the remains of the Stambol Gate to be carefully preserved which caused an increase in the volume works that were not initially planned in the project documents,” the Directorate says.

After the archaeological excavation, it was established that the position of the gate did not correspond to the planned one, so at the Institute’s request, it was necessary to remove all installations from the archaeological zone.

The main additional costs relate to the construction of roads, road signs, water supply and sewerage and telecommunications cable route.

In accordance with this decision, an annexe to the contract will be signed with the contractor, the Directorate adds.

(Nova Ekonomija, 06.09.2019)



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