30,000 workers from Albania and North Macedonia to come to Serbia in September

Around 30,000 tradesmen, doctors, nurses and technicians from North Macedonia and Albania are expected to come to work in Serbia from September without needing additional documents, work visas or special permits.

This is made possible thanks to the Open Balkans initiative and the opening of the single labour market. Furthermore, under the initiative, the entire region will become much more attractive for foreign investors because it will be easier to find the workers that currently lack, according to experts.

Director of the Serbian government’s IT and e-Government Office, Mihailo Jovanović, commented: “We think that we are going to see workers of all degrees of education – those with university degrees, as well as those with high school diplomas and completed elementary education.  Construction and agricultural workers are currently in strong demand. We expect to see a lot of interest in healthcare jobs too, because of higher salaries.”

In order to work in one of these three countries, citizens of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania will have to enter their data on the e-Government website. Then they will be given an ID number, provided by the Open Balkans initiative. Any worker who is given the ID number will be able to access jobs available in the three labour markets. The procedure is the same for the citizens of all three countries.

(Vesti Online, 09.08.2022)


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