30% of retailers in Serbia don’t know what they’re selling

The customer service in shops in Serbia is almost as twice as low in quality as in the Western countries, according to a recent survey conducted by Intelligence.

The quality of service in consumer goods stores, assessed via mystery shopper method, stood at 52% at the end of 2019, compared to a European standard of 81%, according to the survey results.

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About 30% of all vendors are not even aware of the characteristics of the products they are selling and have difficulty finding information about them.

Two-thirds of them are not interested in customers’ needs, but they take care of other things instead. Although they respond to about two-thirds of emails on time, half of them respond very harshly with often generic messages and delegate the problem to someone else.

“Since most stores in Serbia are operated by foreign companies, the expectation that they would invest their knowledge to raise the standard of service has not been fully met so far,” the study revealed.

However, it should be noted that nine retail chains saw an increase in service quality from 47% in the third quarter of last year to 52% in the last quarter.

A higher level of employee satisfaction is reflected in a better assessment of service in stores, said Intelligence, which also conducted a survey of the same vendors. The same survey found that employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are correlated and that service levels grow and sales increase if employees are more satisfied.

(BizLife, 28.01.2020)




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