30-million-dinar land plot given to XingYu for free – the company is yet to start building its factory in Serbia

Although it was announced that the Chinese company, XingYu, would open its factory in Niš in April 2021 and employ close to 1,000 workers, that has not happened yet.

The local economic development office claims that a test production is underway and that the factory would start its operations next year. While the workers are still waiting for jobs, the state has already approved aid to this company in the form of 130 acres of building land, worth 29.1 million dinars.

Last year, the Niš authorities announced that the XingYu factory, which is supposed to produce LED lighting for the automotive industry, would be inaugurated in April 2021, but this has not yet officially happened.

“There is a test production going on – Chinese experts are testing products and machines and are working towards obtaining relevant certificates as they plan to export to Western Europe and the fact that they produce LED headlights for renowned companies such as BMW and Volkswagen They are planning to launch production in December or January, i.e. most likely to start test production in December and launch full-scale production in 2022,″ Slobodan Čolaković, from the local economic development office, says.

(Južne Vesti, 26.10.2021)


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