30 hectares of pastures on Fruška Gora destroyed

Destroying pastures on Fruška Gora near Novi Sad is no longer an isolated incident, but has become a regular practice, even in the case of pastures that are located inside the Fruška Gora National Park, the oldest national park in Serbia.

 The last incident happened between Grgurevci and Šuljme, the habitat of protected species of birds and plants, including an endemic type of orchid. Almost 30 hectares of pastures were irretrievably destroyed, which is the most severe case of land destruction on Fruška Gora.

A local farmer was granted a lease on 30 hectares of pasture land for fifteen years at a price of around 1,000 euros by the Sremska Mitrovica government at a public tender in 2022. This was one of the most beautiful and valuable pastures in this part of our country and the authorities are currently determining who is the perpetrator of this crime.

But, as nature lovers say, even if there is a will to determine the culprit, the damage done here is irreparable.

Mountaineer Goran Vučićević says that that segment of Fruška Gora was one of the greenest and the most beautiful in the national park.  

“A few years ago, a certain local illegally ploughed the first pasture (plot number 385 in Grgurevci), which belongs to the territory of the National Park. Nobody was held responsible. This person continued to destroy new pastures while simultaneously being granted a lease on pastures that he has plans of ploughing in the future,” Vučićević says.  

The lease fee he has to pay is ten times lower than the price of renting arable land because the pastures are used exclusively for grazing, so the intention here is clear, to obtain arable land at a negligible price and to the great detriment of nature.

According to Vučićević, the responsibility lies with the local government, which must immediately terminate the lease agreement and the person who did this should be penalized. As he points out, the same thing is happening in other locations on Fruška Gora, such as Rakovac, where a pasture was recently burned down. The same happened on the outskirts in the direction of Ležimir, also on Fruška Gora.

(Nova, 26.02.2024)


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