3 billion euro invested in Serbia in 2018

According to statistical data, in 2018, Serbia received about 3 billion EUR worth of foreign direct investments. According to economist Miroslav Zdravković, Serbia is the most successful in the region in attracting foreign investments, as having investors from 103 countries of the world is a great success.

“In terms of the fastest growing investments in Serbia, Montenegro takes the top. The fact that Cyprus ranks third shows us two things – not all foreign investors are ‘foreign’ but rather domestic investing from abroad since they think that they will enjoy better protection if investing in this way. It also could happen that investors re-located their HQ from Cyprus to the Netherlands or some other countries because this is standard practice in the world of big capital”, Zdravković added.

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He added that Serbia was interesting for investing in neighbouring countries. This is confirmed by the fact investors from Croatia increased their investments in Serbia by 2.7 times, Hungary 2.4 times, Bulgaria 5 times, Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 times, Northern Macedonia 3 times and Albania 4.7 times. For comparison, in 2011, there wasn’t a single Albanian investment in Serbia.

“Investments from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ranked 29th, 31st and 32nd respectively which shows that these countries waited to be developed by foreign capital first and only then to start investing abroad. Poland increased its investments in Serbia 17.6 times, the Czech Republic by 27.7 times, and Slovakia by 34.3 times”, said Zdravković.

For Zdravković, the only surprise is that the Japanese invested only 1.3 million USD in Serbia last year, which puts Japan in the 71st place among the biggest investors in Serbia.

Zdravković adds that if we compare Serbia to the countries of the region, Serbia is the most successful because of its neighbours, because Albania takes 81st place and the rest are ranked from 148th place downwards.

(Dnevnik, 16.02.2019)



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