3.83 million doses of corona vaccine administered in Serbia

A Serbian government official said on Tuesday that almost four million doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered to date.

Head of the government’s IT office, Mihailo Jovanovic, specified that 3.83 million doses of coronavirus vaccine had been administered. He also said that 2.17 million people received the first dose and 1.66 million received their second dose.

“There are half a million people who received both doses in Belgrade,” he said, adding that Belgrade, Nis and Uzice have vaccinated more than 45 percent of their respective populations and several others reached the 20 percent level.

According to Jovanovic, the goal is to inoculate three million people. He said that the decision to set up vaccination posts in six shopping malls was yielding excellent results.

(Al Jazeera Balkans, 11.05.2021)



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