2bln EUR worth of FDIs made in Serbia so far this year

Since the beginning of the year, ending in July of this year, around two billion euros of foreign direct investments have been made in Serbia, which is 3.5 percent lower compared to the same period in 2021, a record year in terms of FDI influx – the National Bank of Serbia says.

The central bank also points out that the foreign direct investments (FDI) influx remained stable despite the worsening of geopolitical tensions, and that according to preliminary data, previously announced investments will not be postponed.

“The structure of foreign direct investments remained both geographically and project-wise diversified, and according to official data for the first quarter of 2022, China made the biggest FDIs in Serbia (234.4 million euros), followed by Switzerland (115.5 million euros), Great Britain (56.4 million euros) and Germany (56.4 million euros). In terms of the FDI forecast for the whole of 2022, the NBS expects that the positive trends will continue and that by the end of 2022, FDIs will probably reach the 2021 level (3.86 billion euros), the NBS says.

According to the central bank’s assessment, gross fixed investments (which also include domestic private investments) this year, despite all the challenges from the international environment, will record faster real growth in relation to the total GDP, which means that their share in the real GDP will most likely continue to increase. This share is approaching the figure of 25 percent, from about 16.5 percent (2013 and 2014), that is, before this investment cycle that started in 2015.

(Politika, 11.08.2022)


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