27% of people in Serbia view the EU as negative

More than a third of surveyed Serbian citizens have a positive view of the European Union while about a quarter thinks of it as negative, the Beta news agency reported citing Eurobarometre’s data.

According to the latest poll, commissioned by the European Commission, 37% of the citizens of Serbia see the EU as something positive while 27% perceive it as negative. The poll also showed that 34 % have a neutral view of the EU.

Furthermore, the poll showed a drop in positive views of 5% compared to earlier polls and a 5% rise in negative views compared to last autumn’s poll. Based on age, 51% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 see the EU as positive along with 29  of the population over the age of 55.

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40% of the respondents said they associated the EU with the freedom to travel, study and work, 29% said they think of it in terms of economic prosperity and 25 % cited a loss of cultural identity.

According to the poll, 52% of the surveyed Serbian citizens see their personal financial situation as bad, compared to 26% in the EU. It showed that 39% of the polled in Serbia expect the economic situation to remain unchanged, 36% it to improve and 22% said they expect it to deteriorate. 36% said unemployment is a major problem, 33% said the economic situation, 25% said crime and 21% said rising prices.

Asked about trust in institutions, 35% said they trust parliament, 41% said the government and 33% said the EU.

Among EU candidate countries, the majority of those with a positive EU number live in Albania, as many as 81%, while only 3% of Albanians have a negative image of the Union.

In Montenegro, 63% of citizens have a positive and 18 negative opinion about the EU, while in North Macedonia this ratio is 56% to 17% and in Turkey 51% to 19%.

In the EU countries, 45% of respondents have a positive perception of the Union and 17% have a negative one.

The survey was conducted in June and included 27,464 respondents from the 28 EU member states, as well as respondents from the EU candidate countries, including 998 from Serbia.

(Telegraf, 06.08.2019)




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