27 business-related services are now fully digitized

Business people in Serbia now have access to the first 27 fully digitized procedures for issuing permits, licenses and consents on the eUPRAVA web portal, it has been announced by the Serbian government.

The new electronic services are available under the ePAPIR programme. This innovation is part of a three-year project aimed at improving the business environment in Serbia.

The first digitized procedures, among others, include the registration of distributors and importers of plant protection products, recognition of registration for plant protection products, registration of producers of seeds, seedlings, the mycelium of edible mushrooms and medicines and others.

Director of the State Public Policy Secretariat, Bojana Tošić, said that a register of 2,600 administrative procedures related to businesses has been prepared and recommendations for the simplification of 1,200 procedures have been prepared.

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“So far, more than 130 procedures have been simplified or abolished, which has generated savings for businesses worth more than 32 million euro per year,” Tošić underlined.

He added that the digitalization of another 50 services in the field of recruitment, mining, environmental protection, traffic, veterinary medicine, as well as services provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will be completed by the end of March.

Director of the Office for IT and eUprava, Mihailo Jovanović, said that the digitization of procedures facilitates and cuts costs for Serbian businesses.

“Thanks to this project, we will eventually have the 100 services, that Serbian businesses use, fully digitized and available online, which will save businesses eight million dollars a year,” Jovanović said.

(Danas, 29.12.2020)



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