25-year-concession agreement for Nikola Tesla Airport signed

Serbian government, represented by Prime Minister, Ana Branbic and French company, Vinci Airport have signed a 25-year concession agreement stipulating management of and investments in Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport.

The total value of the concession agreement is EUR 1.46 billion, and this includes a one-off fee, minimum annual concession fees and capital investments.

Vinci Airports will pay EUR 417 million to the Serbian government and EUR 84 million to the shareholders of Nikola Tesla Airport, plus the annual concession fee of between EUR 4.4 million and EUR 15.1 million, the Serbian government said in a statement.

Moreover, the French company will invest in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the main runway, and the construction of auxiliary runways and quick exits, the government said.

The French company committed to investing a total of EUR 732 million during the 25-year-validity period of the concession, the Serbian government said in January.

The development of the airport’s terminals, opening of more passenger gates and the additional development of cargo stands are also planned.

The financial transaction and the transfer of the airport operator’s certificate, i.e. the beginning of the operations of Vinci Airports Serbia d.o.o. Company, are expected to take place in September 2018.

Serbia’s government selected Vinci Airports as the best bidder following a tender. Four investors submitted their binding bids at the tender – three consortia and Vinci Airports. The three consortia comprised of France’s Meridiam Eastern Europe Investments, Switzerland’s Zurich Airport AG and France’s Eiffage; India’s GMR Infrastructure Limited and Greece’s Terna; South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation, Turkey’s Yatirimlar ve isletme and Russia’s VTB Capital Infrastructure, according to the public notice.

The global operator Vinci Airports develops, finances, builds and operates in 35 airports on seven countries on three continents (12 airports in France, 10 in Portugal, two in Japan, six in the Dominican Republic, one in Chile, one in Brazil and three in Cambodia). At its airports, the company had a total of 157 million passengers, revenues of EUR 1.4 billion and a growth of total traffic by 12.4% in 2017.

Following the signing of the concession agreement, Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic said: “The concession agreement for the Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla, signed with the French company Vinci Airports, opens a new chapter in cooperation between the two countries. France’s Foreign Minister is due to come on an official visit to Serbia soon and I hope that President Macron will also come to Serbia by the year end. These are all good signals.”

(Politika, 22.03.2018)



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