25% of Serbian citizens have never used Internet or computer

Over one quarter of Serbian citizens have never used the Internet or computers – the results of a survey conducted by the State Statistical Office about ICT use in Serbia show.

The survey has also shown that 2/3 of households in Serbia (68.1%) have a computer, which is a 2.3% hike compared to 2016, and 3.7% hike compared to 2015. Over a half of households have one computer (52%), and 45% of them have two computers. Also, 68% households have the Internet.

The percentage of households having computers varies from territory to territory. For instance, in Belgrade it stands at 77.8%, in Vojvodina 66.2%, and in Central Serbia 65.3%.

Almost all households (99.6%) have TV, and over a half (58.4%) cable TV. 90.5% of households have mobile phones, and 43.7% have a laptop, which is a 4.5% increase compared to last year. The number of individual computer users also went up by 1.1% in relation to 2016.

Over 3.6 million people (67.7%) used a computer in the last three months, 1.3% of them used a computer over three months ago, 4.9% over a year ago, and 26.1% of the surveyed people have never used a computer. In terms of the Internet use, 70.5% of the surveyed people have used it in the last three months, 1.6% have used it over three months ago, 2.3% over year ago, and 25.6% of those surveyed have never used the Internet. More than 3.3 million people in Serbia use the Internet every day.

The survey has also shown that over 1.63 million people in Serbia have used online shopping in the last year, and almost half of the Internet users (49.9%) have never shopped online. Those who did shop online have usually purchased clothes and sporting goods (58.2%), household items (21.7%), electronic equipment (20.1%) and computer equipment (12%).

The survey was done on 2,800 households and 2,800 individuals, ages from 16 to 74.

(eKapija, 01.10.2017)



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