25% increase of taxi fares in Belgrade

Taxi fares in Belgrade have officially gone up by about 25%, and the new prices are slightly higher than those announced just a few days ago.

A group of taxi drivers had submitted a request for fare increases a few weeks ago, announcing protests from February 21 to 25. In response, the city authorities approved the higher increase than requested.

Now, the base fare is now 220 dinars instead of 170, which is an increase of almost 30%. A cost per kilometre during the day will cost you 80 dinars instead of 65 (a 23.1% increase), while a cost per kilometre during the night and holidays will be 100 dinars instead of 85 (a 17.6% increase), while a one-hour wait will amount to 900 dinars.

Thus, for a 5-kilometre ride during the day instead of 495 dinars, you will have to pay 620 dinars or 25.2% more. A 10-kilometre-ride will cost 1,020 dinars instead of 820, an increase of 24.3%. The same ride after midnight or during holidays will cost 1,220 dinars instead of the current 1,020 dinars.

The prices of cab transport to and from the airport have also been modified: the first zone 1,700 dinars, the second zone 2,200, the third zone 2,700, the fourth zone 3,700, the fifth zone 5,500 and the sixth zone 7,400 dinars.

(Blic, 17.02.2022)



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