247,000 tonnes of food thrown away in Serbia each year

Every year some 247,000 tonnes of food, mostly bread and meat, are thrown away in Serbia, research says, the Beta news agency reported on Wednesday.

The study done by the Centre for Environment Improvement shows that people dump 676 tonnes of food every day in the country where an average net salary is not even 500 euros a month.

“All of us, including the whole of the population regardless of the age, yearly dump 35 kilograms of food worth some 85 Euros (10,000 RSD). People mostly get rid of bread (10.18 kg), meat (7.18 kg) and milk (6.74 litres), while they threw away less fruit (5.7 kg) and vegetables (5.33 kg),” the survey, conducted only in households, showed.

It added that if all that food was put in lorries, the line would have been 326 kilometres long.

The reasons for throwing away food in Serbia vary from rotten food (67 per cent), unwanted meals (17 per cent) and fear of bad quality (11 per cent).

The Centre warned that throwing food away had become a global issue causing over 30% of the produced food ending in landfills where it decays and releases methane, one of the most poisonous gas with the greenhouse effect.          

(Nedeljnik, 28.08.2019)





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