230,000 companies have requested financial assistance from the State to date

“Around 230,000 companies have so far requested financial assistance from the state to overcome the consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic. There are still two days left to register, so we expect an even higher number,” Assistant Finance Minister Dragan Demirovic said today.

During an online conference, “Serbia’s Economy, The Day After”, Demirovic said that the measures will cover almost 800,000 individuals.

“As a society and economy we have shown responsibility, and the companies that are not at risk have said that they will not use the measures and leave them to those who need them more. This is important and shows that everyone understands the situation and how difficult it is to do business now and how important it is to maintain liquidity,” Demirovic added.

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He underlined that the society, as a whole, has shown great responsibility in these circumstances and added that it was important to ensure that measures were implemented from real sources without compromising macroeconomic stability.

He added that last year’s employment figures were on the rise and there was overall growth. He believes that once we get through the crisis we will be able to continue this trend.

Demirovic concluded by saying that “the measures taken implemented in a timely manner and were adequately devised and technically prepared”. “It was important to devise them in such a way as to make them enforceable and to monitor their correct implementation,” he concluded.

(Blic, 29.04.2020)


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