220 educators in Serbia are paid even if they do not work at all

Teachers who never enter the classroom or often do not show up at school receive about 35,000 dinars a month, while a teacher who does at least one third or one-fifth of the assigned classes earn about 16,000 and 10,000 dinars respectively, says Milorad Antic, President of the Forum of High Schools.

Currently, 220 teachers, who are off work, will receive 65% of their salary without having a single class. According to the latest analysis on the redundancies, made on September 9th, these are the teachers who haven’t got a single class assigned to them.

According to the Ministry of Education, redundant teachers will receive 65% of their final salary, for one year and 15 days, until September 15th next year. If during this period, they do not start teaching at least a part of the planned classes, they will be invalidated and given severance pay.

The list also includes 3,825 people who were not given the full number of classes and 5,278 part-time educators.

And while teachers who do absolutely nothing will continue receiving two-thirds of their salary for one year, teachers who teach 50% of the total number of classes receive half of their salary. The trade unions point out that they are trying to recruit as many teachers as possible as a replacement for at least some classes, if not all.

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While more than 8,000 teachers are surplus and want to be assigned more classes, at the same time, there are 32,083 vacancies in schools in Serbia, at least on paper. Most of the redundant teachers teach specialized subjects at schools (such as mechanics, tannery, textiles) and their classes have fewer students while schools generally lack Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics teachers.

According to Antic, it is absurd that someone who does nothing for a year gets significantly more than the minimum wage, while those who teach several classes a day receive less money than their colleagues.

“It is illogical that teachers who have not taught for a year and often do not show up at school receive about 35,000 dinars a month, while someone who teaches for at least a third or a fifth of the classes receives about 16,000 and 10,000 dinars respectively,” says Antic.

(Kurir, 16.09.2019)



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