22 women killed as a result of domestic violence in Serbia this year

At least 22 women in Serbia have been killed by a partner or another family member since the beginning of 2020, and in 5 other cases, it was a suspected feminicide.

“Seven women were killed with a knife, five with an axe, three with a pistol, three beaten to death, one was killed with an automatic rifle, one with a bomb, while two women were killed in other ways,” it was said in a press release by the Autonomous Women’s Centre on the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.

At least 30 children were left without a mother, 11 of whom were minors, the press release states.

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The latest available UN data shows that 137 women worldwide are killed daily by a partner or family member, while a total of 50,000 women a year are killed by people they know and should be able to trust.

According to UN data, since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of calls to domestic violence hotlines in many countries.

The Autonomous Women’s Centre and the Women in Black (Žene u crnom) Association, with the support of the women’s association, Anima from Bosnia and Herzegovina, have staged a protest in Belgrade, dressed in black, standing in silence and holding the signs “Stop Feminicide”. In front of them were pairs of red women’s shoes, which symbolize the victims of feminicide.

The International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women is marked on December 6, the day when in 1989, the 25-year-old Mark Lepine, armed with firearms and knives, killed 14 women, wounded 9 others and 4 men at the Canadian University of Montreal.

During the attack, according to witnesses, he shouted: “You are women, you will become engineers, I will not. You are a horde of feminists. I hate women, I hate feminists”.

(Danas, 06.12.2020)



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