2019 global prosperity index: Serbia ranked 52nd out of 167 countries

Serbia ranks 52nd out of 167 countries covered by the 2019 prosperity index published by the London-based Legatum Institute, based on results in 12 areas.

Since 2009, Serbia has moved up the rankings table by 9 places.

Slovenia ranks 27th and first in the Balkan region. It is followed by Croatia 45th, Hungary 46th, Romania 47th, Bulgaria 49th and Montenegro, which ranks 50th on the list.

Behind Serbia are North Macedonia (54th), Albania (65th) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (70th).

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Serbia has the best record in security (44th), education (44th) and living conditions (47th) and the worst in terms of environment (99th) and social capital (96th). Social capital is an indicator of the connections in a society in terms of trust, respect and assistance among its members, as well as in relation to institutional structures.

The biggest improvement compared to a decade ago came in Enterprise Conditions.

The first three countries on the global prosperity index list are Denmark, Norway and Switzerland, while the last three on the list are the Central African Republic, Yemen and South Sudan.

(Danas, 26.11.2019)


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