200,000 people in Serbia own cryptocurrency

The most recent estimates show that close to 200,000 people in Serbia own some kind of cryptocurrency, and the interest in owning cryptocurrencies in the country has grown since it was recognized by Serbian law.

According to the Digital Assets Law, which came into effect on June 29, 2021, virtual currencies have been recognized as virtual assets, that is, as digital value records, which can be digitally bought, sold, exchanged or transferred.

The marketing director at the crypto exchange office ECD, Marko Zivkovic, says for Tanjug that the law puts Serbia on the map of countries that recognize cryptocurrencies as a thing, not just in the future, but in the present as well.

“The most recent estimates say that around 200,000 people in Serbia own some kind of a cryptocurrency. As a crypto exchange office, we are noticing that the market is growing. A strong growth in purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies was recorded month-on-month this year. The Serbian cryptocurrency market is definitely developing and we are certainly not lagging behind some more developed global markets,” Zivkovic added.

As he explained, the crypto exchange office ECD now has a temporary permit that allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through it, while they are waiting for an official permit issued by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) to be able to offer to other businesses as well to sell their services and products using cryptocurrencies.

“ECD is in the procedure of obtaining that permit from the NBS and I hope that we will obtain the permit early next year,” Zivkovic said.

From the moment, he says, when the first crypto exchange office gets the permit, it will be possible to use cryptocurrency for the purchase of any product or the payment of any service.

(eKapija, 15.12.2021)



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