20 years since March Pogrom

March 17, 2024 marks 20 years since the riots in Kosovo and Metohija called the March Pogrom, when the Albanians, first in Kosovska Mitrovica, and then in other parts of Kosovo and Metohija, organised the expulsion of Serbs and the destruction of their property and religious buildings.

The reason for the pogrom was the accident when three boys of Albanian nationality drowned in the Ibar River in the village of Cabra in Ibarski Kolasin, for which the Albanians accused the Serbs.

On that day, March 17, 2004, six towns and nine villages were ethnically cleansed, and more than 4,000 Serbs were thrown out of their homes.

Eight Serbs and 11 Albanians were killed and more than a thousand people were injured, including dozens of members of the international forces.

About 1,000 Serb houses, 10 Serbian schools, as well as health centres, post offices and other institutions of the Serbian state were burned or severely damaged.

Within 48 hours, the Virgin of Ljeviska, the Prizren Theological Seminary. the Church of St. George, the Church of Christ the Savior and the monastery of the Holy Archangels near Prizren were set on fire, the monastery of St. Cosma and Damian in Zociste was mined, as well as the Devic monastery near Serbia.

In the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, the church of St. Sava was set on fire, in Pristina the church of St. Nicholas was set on fire, and in Podujevo the cross from the dome of the church of St. Andrew the Called was broken.

(RTS, 17.03.2024)


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