20 billion dinars worth of taxes evaded in 2016

In 2016, Serbian financial inspectors discovered that a total of 20 billion dinars in tax was evaded by Serbian companies with half of this amount relating to unpaid VAT, and 5.4 billion dinars to unpaid taxes and contributions on employee salaries.

Last year, the inspectors carried out 20,892 inspections, says the Serbian Tax Administration. Out of that number, 13,134 inspections were of public revenues where the inspectors found irregularities in 36% of cases. They have also discovered that VAT hasn’t been paid on 19.75 billion dinars of public revenue.

The second biggest discovery was the amount of unpaid salary tax and contribution. Considering that, last year, the average salary in Serbia amounted to 46,097 dinars, and that, on such salary, an employer pays up to 29,510 dinars in taxes and various contributions, and that a total of 5.4 billion dinars of salary taxes and contributions were evaded in 2016, that means that 182,988 employees did not have their pension or health insurance paid.

The inspectors issued temporary operations ban in 2,527 companies and facilities with 371 of them being temporarily shut down for having unregistered workers, and 2,156 for not disclosing their entire revenue. Also, not all companies that were profitable actually had fulfilled their tax obligations. The inspectors discovered that they evaded a total of 3.6 billion dinars on the account of unpaid profit tax.

(Gdeinvestirati, 12.02.2017)


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