2.35 million Serbian citizens register for government’s one-off financial help of EUR 100

By 7 a.m. this morning, 2,352,000 Serbian citizens applied for the one-off state aid of 100 euro, said Finance Minister Siniša Mali.

The first disbursements will start tomorrow and the money will be automatically paid to pensioners and welfare recipients.

Since yesterday, all adult citizens of Serbia can apply for the sum of 100 euro through the website of the Treasury Administration, while tomorrow, May 15, the payment will start automatically to pensioners and welfare recipients.

Minister Mali added that an info-line will be launched on Friday and that tomorrow the government will reveal the telephone number which can be called for more information regarding the payment of 100 euro.

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Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said that she is convinced that the money will be spent in the country and that that will also be a stimulus for the economy.

Brnabic added that the whole package of measures is aimed precisely at supporting the economy and preserving jobs, that the measures have begun to be implemented at the right time and thanks to the measures, the unemployment rate in Serbia is not high, unlike other countries.

“We believe, as both the IMF and the World Bank have said, that Serbia will record the highest economic growth in Europe this year, i.e. the lowest decline, followed by the highest positive growth in 2021,” concluded the Prime Minister.

(Sputnik, 13.05.2020)


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