1in5 million protests continue

The 1in5 million protests in Serbia are continuing every weekend in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Bela Crkva, Gracanica, Gornji Milanovac and other towns throughout Serbia. 

On Saturday, the protests started with the usual gathering in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, where protesters were joined by students of political sciences, electrical engineering, transport management, pharmacy and even high school pupils. 

The protesters were addressed, among other, by the writer Marko Vidojkovic and the President of the Association of the Persons Kidnapped and Killed in Kosovo and Metohija who said that the protesters should always be led by justice, not politics. 

Beta news agency reports that, at the end of the procession, Srdjan Nogo, a member of the Dveri Movement, was spotted carrying plastic gallows, similar to those seen at earlier protest. He said that he did that in support of a young man who was arrested at the protests last time and to spite the authorities.

Serbian Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic condemned Nogo for carrying the gallows and said that he was “part of the political agenda and political programme of the Alliance for Serbia”. In a statement to TV Pink, he expressed the expectation that state authorities will react. “Serbian citizens do not want anyone to hang from the gallows, or to punish people who think differently or to apply the same methods that were used by the Nazis against anyone who disagreed with them. This should be banned forever, “said Stefanovic.

The demonstrators in Belgrade blew whistles and held flags as they walked near parliament, the presidency and national media outlets controlled by Vucic and his party.

The protesters also gathered in Bela Crkva, where, according to Beta news agency, about 200 citizens protested, carrying flags of Serbia and Vojvodina. A protest was also organized in Gracanica, in Kosovo, with the organizers of last week’s protest in Kosovska Mitrovica, Marko Jaksic and Dejan Nedeljkovic, present.

A protest was also held in Gornji Milanovac, where the leader of the Free Citizens Movement, Sergej Trifunovic and writer Djordje Miketic, addressed the protesstors. According to RTS, protests were also held in Brus, Aleksandrovac, Kragujevac, Pirot and Prokuplje.

In recent weeks, Vucic has visited various towns to present his policies ahead of the next elections, due in 2020. 

 (Politika, 09.02.2019)



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