1in5 million movement will participate in election after all

The so-far champions of boycotting the next general elections in Serbia and the driving force behind the civil protests that have been going on for over a year, #1in5 million said on Tuesday they would take part in the next general elections in Serbia, the FoNet news agency reported.

The move is seen as a surprise, but the members of the organization said that even some opposition parties would not boycott the vote.

Valentina Rekovic, one of the most prominent members of #1 in 5 million movements told reporters that even some parties which formally favoured the boycott would take part, and thus blame President Aleksandar Vucic’s political opponents of “destroying everything.”

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She added that they are handing Saturday’s protests in Belgrade which they organized for the past 60 weeks over to the opposition.

“When the opposition declared a boycott of parliament, it only stopped attending the institution but still benefited from it. When we enter parliament, we will implement a real boycott,” she said, stressing that the Association has information that some parties, in collaboration with other smaller movements, are moving towards participating in the next election,” Rekovic went on to say.

“We have also learned that some members of the parties that are formally involved in the boycott will join them,” she added.

Rekovic also said that in the coming days she will also reveal which parties are actively participating in the support of various groups of local citizens because “everyone hopes to become or remain in the local authorities after the elections” and recalled that the members of the Democratic Party in Belgrade municipalities have established the 1in5 Million associations.

(Naslovi.net, Beta, 28.01.2020)


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