1in5 Million Movement: “SzS should not accept compromised SNS members into its ranks”

The 1in5 Million Movement estimated today that the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) and other opposition organizations should not accept compromised former members of the ruling party into their ranks.

The Movement’s representatives also welcomed the initiative of compiling the so-called White Paper that would contain cases of corruption in Belgrade, but also asked whether the biographies of those who “exchanged membership in the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) for an opposition party (SzS)” would be deleted.

“Were the biographies of those former SNS members who, seeing that their ship was sinking, rushed to join the opposition parties examined? Sure, there are honest people there too, but are the ones who are dishonest weeded out? Just as after the fall of the Democratic Party from power, the SNS became a safe house for various people like Vesić and Trivan. We repeat, this is not how the system changes “, the Movement’s statement says.

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The Movement also asked what period of time would the White Paper cover, considering that the vice president of the People’s Party, Nikola Jovanović, said that the Paper would be “the basis for determining the criminal responsibility of city officials in the previous six years”.

To remind, the head Alliance for Serbia (SzS) aldermen group in Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Jovanović announced on Friday, that the opposition parties would draft a paper listing crime and corruption cases in the capital which would be, “a basis for establishing criminal responsibility of the City’s officials in the last six years,” the Beta news agency reported.

Jovanovic told that one of the SzS’ priorities, after the change of power, would be to have an independent judiciary which would deal with the high-level corruption, as was the case in Romania.

He added that the statute of limitation would not cover those crimes soon, and advised all responsible to be aware of that.  

(Nedeljnik, N1, 24.05.2020)





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