1in5 Million Association invited to meet with the European Parliament delegation

The 1in5 Million Association has been invited to a meeting with European Parliament officials Knut Fleckenstein, Vladimir Bilcik and Tanja Fajon, the association said in a press release on Tuesday.

The meeting will be held at a venue outside the Serbian Parliament where the talks between the authorities and part of the opposition are held. The European Parliament delegation is scheduled to come to Belgrade on December 12 for the third round of the talks on election conditions.

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“We believe that the representatives of the European Parliament should listen to the opinion of the organizers of the protests, namely the 1in 5 Million movement; both as initiator of the pact with the people and, subsequently, as promoter of the boycott of the elections supported by many opposition parties, but also by citizens on the streets,” the 1in5 Million Association’s press release said.

The Association underlined that they, as organizers of the protests and initiators of “two major steps forward on the Serbian opposition platform”, should convey to the European Parliament deputies “a realistic picture of the state of society and the lack of fair election conditions”.

(Danas, 10.12.2019)




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