18 new Swiss trains to arrive in May

The Srbijavoz Company has in its fleet 21 of the so-called flirt trains, produced in Switzerland, with another batch of 18 trains arriving in May this year, says Ivan Bulajić, acting director of Srbijavoz.

“These are classic trains that can develop speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour. They are fourth-generation trains and are more advanced than the ones we already have. They cost EUR 112 million and are purchased with the help of an EBRD loan”, Bulajić added.

He also announced that Serbian would get five high-speed trains from China next year too. “The Swiss and Chinese trains will cost close to 200 million euros in total. This is a substantial investment”, Bulajić added.

“China is at the very top as far as the technology used in the production of trains and the construction of railroads. Their trains can develop a speed of 350 kilometres per hour and possess luxury and quality that I have not seen in Western Europe. When it comes to compatibility with our railroads, there is a difference between our and Hungarian grid in the contact network, that is, in the power supply source which is why we purchased the Chinese trains which are compatible with Hungarian railroads”, Bulajić said and added that the trains which will operate along the Belgrade-Budapest line will be fully harmonized with the infrastructure of both countries.

(eKapija, 24.03.2024)


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