16th Museum Night to take place on May 18

This year’s “The Night of Museums”, 16th in a row, will be held on May 18th, when the museums across the country will be opened from 4 pm until midnight to visitors and the entrance to every museum will be free of charge.

The theme of this year’s Night of Museums will be “Freedom”, with many museums, galleries and cultural institutions, but also many forgotten buildings and historical throughout Serbia opening their doors to visitors.

The previous event was held in 47 towns in Serbia, with over 500 different events taking place, and the theme was “Victories and Winners”.

“Freedom comes after a great victory, hence we have chosen victory to be the theme the 16th Night of Museums, namely winning over and exercising freedom in its widest sense – from artistic expression and education to the freedom of thought and movement. Although freedom is often taken lightly today, we value freedom only when we lose it,” the organizers said.

Viasat History has been sponsoring the Night of Museums for 10 years now, and this year is no different.

Detailed information about the event’s programme can be found on its website, Facebook page and Instagram profile.

(Vecernje Novosti, 21.03.2019)


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