164 public enterprises in Serbia generated loss in 2022

Of the 527 public companies in Serbia, most of them generated profit in 2022, but 164 of them had a total loss of 90 billion dinars.

All public companies thus, collectively, ended the past year with a net loss of 74.77 billion dinars, which is ten times higher than the loss registered the year before, Beta news agency reports.

The seven public companies with the biggest losses accounted for a fifth of the total loss of the entire Serbian business sector.

The financial statements of 527 public companies show that 347 of them ended the year with a cumulative net profit of 16 billion dinars, but 164 generated a loss of more than 90 billion dinars.

According to the data collated by the Business Registers Agency (APR), public companies had significant financial capacities, with their business assets worth 2,941 billion dinars and their capital 1,639.80 billion dinars.

On top of that, public companies increased their financial liabilities by 27.9 percent in 2022.

This practically means that in 2021, public companies borrowed 0.64 dinars against one dinar of their capital, which went up to 0.86 dinars in 2022.

(Biznis.rs, 20.11.2023)


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