16,000 Civil Servants to Lose Their Jobs

Around 16,000 civil servants, both at the state and local level, are going to be made redundant by 30th June this year.

According to the government’s plan, the number of civil servants will be slashed by 39,000 by mid-year compared to December 2013. This decision does not include the employees of public enterprises because the problem with surplus workers in their case will be handled individually.

In December 2013, which is taken as the baseline for entire public administration, there were 523,000 civil servants. The idea is for the Ministry of Education to decide about the number of surplus workers in Serbian school and for the Ministry of Health to decide about surplus health workers. All of the state institutions have recently received instructions on how to prepare their operational plans and, at a subsequent date, the job classification document. Also, all of them have received a letter ordering staff cuts by 6.5%.

“The first stage is redundancies in institutions that are funded from the state budget. This is stipulated in the 2015 Budget Law as reducing staff costs. On 30th October last year, members of the Council for Public Administration reforms and ministers agreed about the basic redundancy procedures that we are using now. By June 2015, the total number of employees and hired staff should be reduced.

The staff costs, as per the budget for the second half of the year, have to be reduced by 5% relative to the 2014 budget. We estimate that this corresponds to a 6.5% reduction in the number of employees in July 2015 compared to the late 2013”, the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government explains.

The Ministry also says that the number of civil servants in 2014 was already reduced through retirement. Furthermore, the Ministry is waiting for the feedback from all sectors.

  • The redundancy plan should not interfere with the work efficiency but rather indentify the most obvious administrative surpluses, eliminate unnecessary jobs and consolidate joint responsibilities. So, we are going to set objective redundancy criteria, as well as simultaneously carry out reorganization. The individuals that are considered surplus in one segment of public administration will be able to find job in other segments that need their job profile. Our EU accession process implies setting up new institutions that will need the people that were considered surplus. The entire government is working on our economic growth and this optimization is one of its requirements”, said Kori Udovički, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for State Administration.

(Blic, 25.01.2015)

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