143 million EUR invested in domestic startups

Local startups attracted EUR 143 million in investments, according to the research for the annual report by Startup Genome, which analyzes startups from all over the world. Experts, however, believe that the amount is much bigger.

It has been estimated that there are around 200 startups in Serbia, and the survey included only those technological businesses that have been founded under 10 years ago and that have a stable business model.

Belgrade has already been recognized by foreign media as “the future startup centre of Europe”, which the research has confirmed. As many as 22% of the surveyed startups have been formed in the past year, whereas 50% are over two years old.

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It is also interesting to note that 77 per cent of the surveyed startups were registered in Serbia, and about 70 per cent came from Belgrade. They mostly deal in gaming, Big Data and analytics, as well as smart cities. More than three-quarters of them already have their own products, which they sell primarily in America (37%) and Europe (26%).

One of those startups is Futuring which Marko Nikolic from Belgrade founded with several of his friends.

“We launched the company in 2017 when we won at one of the competitions. We had many projects in 2018. We make VR 3D sites with interesting interactive features. We have already cooperated with the Viminacium Archaeological Park, the Red Star football club and many hotels”, says Nikolić.

The Startup Genome data are used for comparative analysis and to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the existing startup ecosystems. An ecosystem’s results are broken down into factors such as experience, finance, connectedness and others which can be directly influenced. It provides very important information to all those with an interest in the development of a certain ecosystem.

All this is meant to support advanced cities to accelerate the development of their startup scenes.

(Blic, 18.02.2019)




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