14 women killed in Serbia in 2019 as a result of domestic violence

This year alone, 14 women in Serbia were killed as a result of domestic violence, a non-governmental organization called Autonomous Women’s Centre said on Saturday, adding that following the murders of women in Pančevo and Novi Sad, it was found out that both the police and the prosecution made mistakes in their procedures relating to these two cases.

Vedrana Lacmanovic, from the Autonomous Women’s Centre, told RTS that the problem lies in the way risk is assessed and the people who are doing the assessment since they either don’t perform a good and accurate analysis or do not impose valid and adequate prevention measures.

Another problem, in your opinion, is the lack of official records that social services can access in the case of emergency and thus properly respond to a call for help.

Lacmanovic also says that women’s protection groups in some municipalities meet regularly and in some others do not.

Another problem is devising a plan for the protection and support of victims of violence, which exists only in a small number of cases.

When it comes to measures relating to a restraining order against the abuser, Lacmanovic explains that this is a preventive measure that should be imposed in low-risk cases.

She adds that the abuser has a long history of violence, threatens the victim and is known as being highly dangerous than restraining orders do not work and it is necessary to implement measures from the Criminal Code.

(RTS, 15.07.2019)



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