132,600 more domestic violence cases in the last three years

In Serbia, since the implementation of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, more than 132,600 cases of violence were reported from 1 June 2017 until the end of January this year, the Serbian Ministry of Justice announced.

During this period, prosecution offices submitted a total of 46,690 proposals for the extension of emergency measures, i.e. the removal of the accused from the household and issuance of a restraining order. 45,994 cases were approved in court.

The Ministry of Justice’s statement also says that Serbia has aligned its legislation with the Istanbul Convention and introduced four new offences aimed at improving the legal protection of women.

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Domestic violence and violence against women are a phenomenon faced by all countries in the world. The data cited indicate that the Serbian authorities are resolute in resolving this problem and that the victims are starting to believe the efficiency of institutions more, as well as that they are reporting cases of domestic violence more.

Also, 39,004 individual plans for the support and protection of victims of domestic violence have been drawn up. The analysis of the data related to the work done by the institutions responsible for the implementation of the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence indicates that the number of proposals for the extension of the emergency measure and the issuance of a restraining order has been growing year-on-year.

In 2019, this number went up by 1,460 compared to the previous year and up to 3,101 more than in the first year of implementation of the law, indicating a greater response rate of the institutions to the reported violence.

(Blic, 08.03.2020)





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