1,300 registered branches of foreign companies in Serbia – most of them American

According to data from the Serbian Business Register Agency (APR), a total of 1,301 branches of foreign companies are currently registered in Serbia.

The largest number of these companies come from the USA (134 companies), followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (107) and Germany (102).

All these representative offices have registered their core activity under the category – ‘other business support service activities’.

Below is the list of the 20 countries with the highest number of branches in Serbia:

United States (134)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (107)

Germany (102)




Slovenia and Italy (have the same number of representative offices, 63 each)


North Macedonia



United Kingdom




Russian Federation


Czech Republic


Slovakia and the Netherlands (same number of branches, 15 each)

According to April data, in the period from 24th February, when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, to 20th July, 459 Russian-owned or Russian-majority owned companies were registered in Serbia. In addition, another 1,061 Russian citizens have registered as entrepreneurs.

“Russians work in Serbia mainly in IT companies. These are people who are not tied to a particular work location and who usually work technology-related fields. They have come here as freelancers or because they work for Western companies and cannot be paid for their work in Russia due to sanctions. Many have also found jobs in our IT companies, where they work for a salary of more than EUR 3,000,’ says a local source.

(Blic, 31.07.2022)




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