12 novelties that Belgrade mayor introduced during his term

The Belgrade Mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, has made several important decisions in the last few months that will completely change the lives of the citizens of Belgrade. Some have been implemented, some are waiting to be implemented.

Vouchers for children

This year, all Belgrade pupils and preschoolers, educators, teachers and others who are employed in institutions for children’s education, received a voucher for the purchase of clothes and shoes worth up to 6,000 dinars. It was a kind of New Year’s gift, but the practice of handing out vouchers will continue next year, Šapić announced.

The Belgrade Card

The unique document that the citizens of Belgrade will use in the future will replace the mentioned vouchers. The card will also bring other benefits to a number of Belgrade citizens.

“The Whites”

The number of communal (municipal) police officers, popularly called “The Whites”, will be increased in the coming period. There are currently 420 of them.

The Communal Police points

The plan is to change the Communal Police’s approach to the citizens. Hence, the communal police will have special checkpoints (101 prefabricated facilities), set up throughout the city, where the citizens can ask them questions related to the municipal services.

Free textbooks: As of this year

All Belgrade pupils will have the right to free textbooks, which will help family budgets greatly.

Free kindergartens: As of this year

Although a lot of progress has been achieved with subsidies for private kindergartens, as of this year, the stay at state-run kindergartens will be free of charge.

City TV channel

The mayor also plans to open the Belgrade TV channel, via cable television, which will broadcast news related solely to Belgrade.

Information Panels

The plan is to set up electronic information panels across the city that would show service information important for the everyday running of the city – from power outages and traffic jams to the construction of preschool facilities and the like.

Public buses and ticketing

Big changes await public city transport too. The plan is to increase ticket control in the public transport, while simultaneously improving the transport services. When the buses are not too crowded, the passengers could enter the bus at the front door and have the driver check their tickets. Also, there will be no more advertisements on the sides of the buses and other city transport vehicles.

Better regulating river rafts

The decades-long problem of overcrowding on the banks of the Belgrade rivers will be solved in April this year, at least when it comes to the Sava quay in Novi Beograd. Thanks to the new regulation, only thirty rafts will be allowed to dock here and they will all have to meet environmental, hygiene, safety and infrastructure standards.

Single phone number

Belgrade residents will be able to communicate with the city administration by calling a single phone number.

Relocation of the Belgrade Zoo

The plan is to relocate the Belgrade Zoo from Kalemegdan to Ada Ciganlija.

(Telegraf, 12.02.2023)


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