11 innovative ideas at startup camp ParkUP!

11 new innovative ideas of students were presented on 18th of July at the end of the student startup camp ParkUP! (July 13-18) in Science and Technology Park Belgrade (NTP Belgrade).

The student startup camp at NTP Belgrade brought together almost 60 academics from all faculties, who were divided into multidisciplinary teams on the first day. Before them were challenges from five areas, for which they needed to define the problem and come up with a solution. Simulating the development of a startup, students learned about the basics of developing innovative businesses and worked on their ideas through interactive lectures and workshops, and working with experienced experts in the field of business development.

After only three working days, a lot of learning and dedication, at the end of the program, the students presented their ideas that they came up with at the camp – from innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy sources, agriculture, digital creative technologies, applications for the adequate use of medicines, to special edibles packaging for animal feed. The best idea award went to the MarathonFamily, a team for improving the experience of runners on the course and affirming the running community.

– By developing our product at the camp, we set a serious standard and basis for future entrepreneurial ideas. Now, both theoretically and practically, we know the specific steps in the development of innovative businesses and what challenges we may encounter along the way. The lecturers gave us their knowledge about market research, finances, legal aspects of idea protection, presentation methods in a customized way. ParkUp! is a great opportunity for all young, ambitious and enterprising people eager to learn about the world of startups, and I would recommend it to everyone in order to get acquainted with the entrepreneurial way of thinking – says Mića Mišljenović, a graduate of business economics, about his impressions from the camp.

Park UP! is the first student startup program in Serbia, created with the aim of encouraging young people to step into the startup world and acquire knowledge and skills for technological entrepreneurship.

The student startup camp NTP Belgrade organizes with the support of the Government of Switzerland within the project “Technopark Serbia 2 – Stimulating anew through the development of technology parks”. Since 2018, almost 500 students have participated in the development of innovative ideas and the simulation of startup development through this program.

Source: https://bif.rs/2023/07/studenti-razvili-novih-11-inovativnih-ideja-na-startap-kampu-u-ntp-beograd/


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