10th Belgrade Night Market on 13th October

The jubilee 10th Belgrade Night Market will take place on 13th October, from 18:00h to 01:00h, at the Kalenic Green Market.

As for the music entertainment, there will be several DJs performing, while the best traditional food and drink producers will be offering their produce. Additionally, young artists and craftsmen will be exhibiting their original work.

The Kalenic outdoor market will host craft beer producers who are going to have their stalls here too. Artists will also be exhibiting their hand-made jewelry, handbags, and decorative furniture pieces

The Belgrade Night Market provides a special kind of entertainment that is a fusion of food, music, arts and crafts, good atmosphere and positive energy. It is also an appealing tourist attraction which has been drawing in an increasing number of tourists over the years who are interested in this unique blend of outdoor shopping and entertainment.

(Belgrade Beat, 04.10.2017)


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