100,000 people in Serbia registered with E-uprava to receive anti-corona vaccine

The Serbian government’s IT and e-administration Office said on Tuesday that more than 100,000 people had registered for inoculation on its eUprava portal.

“Mass immunization is a complex job and the government wants to organize it in the best possible way. This is not just a poll but the first step towards mass immunization. Everyone who shows an interest will be informed by text message or email about the time and place to get vaccinated depending on the immunization priority as defined by the Serbian Public Health Institute,” a press release said adding that when a Serbian national expresses interest in vaccination will not determine when they will be inoculated. It said that there is no deadline to register for inoculation.

A telephone contact centre will become operational later this week to allow the people who are “less digitally literate” to register.

People interested in getting vaccinated should fill in a questionnaire on the eUprava portal where they also choose a pharmaceutical company which vaccine they wish to be inoculated with.

They should also leave information about their chronic or some other diseases, as well as a contact phone number and email. After filling in the questionnaire, all applicants receive a text message and an e-mail confirmation that they have expressed interest in the vaccination, and they can change their interest or delete it at any time.

The IT and e-administration Office underlines that there is no deadline for registering for the inoculation, calls on the citizens to express their interest in as many numbers as possible in order to start the implementation of mass immunization as soon as possible.

(N1, 12.01.2021)



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