10,000 people waiting for a ticket to see the play “Balkanski Spijun” in Belgrade

We have waiting lists for surgeries, medical check-ups, or nurseries, but did you know that there is also a waiting list for theatre plays? The National Theatre in Belgrade has one such list, with 10,000 on it, waiting to buy a ticket for the play “Balkanski Spijun” (The Balkan Spy).

So far, close to 10,000 saw “Balkanski Spijun”, and about the same number are waiting to see it. The theatre takes 300 people and the play is three to four times a month on the repertoire, which means that many will everybody waiting to see the play will have to arm themselves with patience because the earliest date they would be able to see the play is sometime next year.

“Balkanski Spijun” is the play to portrays the everyday life of the main character who lives in perpetual fear of a big, different, and sometimes calculated world. By refusing to change and adapt to the world, he speaks volumes about the Balkan mentality.

“The play is a live performance, and the live performance, which constantly changes, will always have an audience. The audience felt that this was a living material and wants to become a part of it by coming to see the play,” says Ivana Vujic, Director of the National Theatre.

(Blic, 21.05.2019)




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